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Pro Air Fresheners Are Only As Good As Their Refills

Air-Scent and air fresheners are two words that have blended as one concept for the last seven decades.  In 1946, Bob Surloff invented the very first fan-operated air freshener dispenser and named the brand, Air-Scent. He got the ball rolling in an industry that was at that time little known and vastly undeveloped.

As any pioneer worth his or her salt, he persevered, adjusted, made changes and, well, the rest is, as they say, very fragrant history.

The Power Packed Inside Our Air-Scent Refills

We are a world leader in the creation of commercial ambient air-care solutions. Still, as any company, success rests on its products and how well they deliver that which they promise. Or put another way, air fresheners are only as good as the refills that make them work.

We have many advantages over our competitors as we can provide superior products at reasonable prices. This is due to the fact that all our scents are produced in-house by a team of perfumery experts whose sole focus lies in capturing the essence of a particular brand by means of creating a custom fragrance. This allows for lower base costs because there is no middleman to absorb additional profits.

As far as the refills themselves, their innovation, versatility and superior performance, which we recently wrote extensively about, makes them highly desirable, extremely cost-effective and a soft sell for distributors and redistributors.

The fragrances we produce undergo rigorous on-location testing with the most modern equipment and technologies on site at our 85,000 square-foot facility located near the Port Authority in the heart of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

We have clients all over the globe and across every industry under the sun, and we are renowned for our high quality and superior performance.

Air-Scent’s 10 Different Types of Fragrance Refills

  • The Maxi Classic Liquid Fan Air Freshener Refill

Available in various sizes to accommodate the commercial or industrial needs of service providers, which include cans, quarts, gallons and 55 gallon drums. These liquid wick refills contain outstanding, complex odor neutralizers which absorb and eradicate malodors via evaporation and diffusion. There are a multitude of fragrance options as well.

  • Air Wisp Cold Vapor Mist Diffuser Fragrances

Larger commercial settings that desire direct scenting such as HVAC systems in hotel lobbies, fitness centers, medical facilities, showrooms and reception areas can benefit greatly from the Air Wisp Diffuser systems. These liquid oil aroma refills are specifically designed to work in tandem with the HVAC Aroma Styler ambient scenting appliances. All of the available scents are meant to evoke inviting and memorable experiences that will impact emotion, memory and ultimately, brand alliance within the mind of the consumer. Learn more about the bottom line benefits of scent marketing.

  • Squair 30-Day Solid Fan Wafer Air Freshener Refills

Providing thirty days of superior performance, Squair Scented Wafer Air Freshener Refills also contain powerful Metazene neutralizing deodorizer that destroys malodors on a molecular level. They are versatile and easily adaptable to most air freshener dispensers and are offered in many pleasing fragrance options.

  • The Scentsia Universal Cartridge Air Freshener Refill

Flow science technology is the force behind the power of this large area Scentsia Universal Cartridge fan air freshener refill. They are used specifically in the Aroma Beam non-HVAC air diffuser system, which is extremely effective in ambient scent provision and odor control for large indoor areas.

  • Discreet 60-Day Air Freshener Fresh Straps

These unique, patent-pending self-locking Fresh Straps are laden with fragrance and molecular odor neutralizing additives that freshen both portable toilets and commercial restrooms quite effectively for up to 60 days. Their self-locking design is vandal-resistant, are visually discrete and easily affixes to pipes, under sinks, partitions or any other place where air freshening and odor control are needed. They are perfect for rest stops, stadiums, amusement parks, theaters, casinos and other larger hight-traffic commercial restrooms.

  • Metered Mist Automatic Aerosol Refills

Specifically formulated for public restrooms in commercial facilities, the Metered Mist Aerosol refills can control malodors for up to 6,000 square feet. State-of-the-art molecular odor control backed by the latest in scientific innovation provides continuous deodorization of odors for up to 30 days via a universal spray nozzle. Additionally, they are designed to fit most automated metered aerosol dispensers.

  • Westchester Drip Fluid Ultra Concentrate Deodorant

For use in the Drip-O-Matic gravity fed system in any commercial enterprise that services great numbers of public restroom users, the Drip-O-Matic system is a highly efficient deodorant cleaner. This system with the Westchester refills is ideal for use in hotels, casinos, medical facilities, fitness centers, restaurants, office buildings, nursing homes, day care centers, schools, gyms, airports, transportation terminals, factories and others. This ultra concentrate is applied into urinals and toilet bowls to attack malodors at their source.

  • Spiralz™ 60-Day Air Freshener Refills

These sustainable, VOC compliant refills work continuously for up to 60 days in passive air freshener dispensers and 30 days with the fan power option. They are far superior than all other passive and aerosol air freshener refills. They are guaranteed not to spill, drip or leak when placed in any position. Their function is the end result of industrial science at its very best. The air freshening liquid is suspended in a specially constructed inner core, which allows the neutralizing components to evaporate into the air at at controlled linear release.

  • The Mega Fresh Large Area Passive Odor Control System

This 60-day, sophisticated odor neutralizer system uses a revolutionary process known as Flow Cell, which is an advanced capillary science that dispenses air neutralizers via a scientifically constructed medium consistently throughout the cycle.

This unique air care solution controls odors in large areas such as trash rooms, soiled linen rooms, kennels, stairwells and other large areas where an electric power source is not available, and can easily be hung with a hanger. Its design also allows for attaching additional Mega Fresh cartridges, which snap together for even stronger performance. They are non-spill, VOC-compliant and more environmentally responsible than large para blocks.

The combination of our Metazene odor neutralizer with our powerful fragrances, provides outstanding performance for targeting malodorous situations with non-mechanical, linear controlled evaporation.

Air-Scent And The Future of High Quality Air Fresheners

Air-Scent and air fresheners are here to stay. As advances in technology created within their own technology hub expand the horizons of industrial science, there’s no telling what the future may hold in terms of Air-Scent air freshener refills and applications.

In staying ahead of the technological curve, we have recently released a number of Bluetooth, App-Controlled scent systems, and to harken back to our original founder, Bob Surloff, we continue to look to the future with an aim to provide the most innovative products in the marketplace for generations to come.

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