The First Unscented Fragrance-Free Air Freshening Solution

The human sense of smell is integral to all of our lives.

In ancient times, it was the key to our survival. It warned of approaching enemies, food sources and proximity to wildfires. In the modern world, billions of dollars are spent every year in an attempt to make things smell better in commercial interior spaces of all types through the use of ambient scent marketing air freshener machines and powerful molecular odor neutralization systems.

In fact, the use of professional diffusers has become a hugely booming business in just about every country and every industry throughout the world.

But as the need for aroma-enhanced commercial interiors has grown, so has the desire for fragrance-free air freshening and odor control systems, particularly in school environments, universities, government buildings, hospitals, nursing facilities, offices spaces and other large or small commercial areas.

The problem, however, for the owners, directors, managers and even air care suppliers which service these types of businesses is they have found it difficult to provide effective odor control solutions with no perfume ingredients or essential oils to patrons or employees that prefer fragrance-free interiors.

Now, thanks to decades of laboratory developments and our extensive scientific understanding of molecular odor control and air freshening technologies, this is no longer an unsolved or unavailable option.

The following article provides relevant factoids and statistics on the growing trend of fragrance-free solutions, and an in depth description of how the technical staff of Air-Scent, via our molecular odorless neutralizing additive Metazene, provide the most effective, fragrance-free air freshening and odor neutralizing capabilities to a vast array of applications throughout the world.

Read on or cut to the proverbial chase and skip right to the sections on our Metazene fragrance-free odor neutralizing solutions below.

Fragrance-Free Vaporous Air Freshening Options Are Few And Far Between

Like that old saying about a good man being hard to find, air care companies specializing in fragrance-free options are not that common. While some offer enzyme biological digesters, harsh oxidizers and other surface contact products, none have been able to offer true 30-day effective full scale vaporous odor neutralizing coverage in response to the plight of millions of consumers who prefer scentless options.

It is important before going any further, to understand the difference between two marketing terms. Fragrance-free indicates that there is nothing added to the product, but unscented is actually a fragrance additive, which is used to mask chemical smells.

Surveys Relating to Fragrance-Free Preferences

Many businesses benefit greatly by implementing scented air systems, which disperse fragranced air throughout indoor environments such as washrooms, patient rooms, nursing facilities, gymnasiums, locker rooms, classrooms, hallways, lodging rooms, common areas, cafeterias and even airline cabins.

Surprisingly, according to some new surveys, many customers have indicated a preference for fragrance-free environments rather than scented air, and as a result, fragrance-free policies have received some support in diverse commercial sectors.

Two recent, back-to-back surveys among American and Australian populations yielded some interesting results. American participants indicated that if given a choice between flying on an airplane that pumped scented air throughout the passenger cabin, or did not, 59.2% chose a plane without scented air.

More than 55% of Americans preferred a fragrance-free hotel room as well, though scent was welcomed in lobbies, common rooms and other hotel interiors. In addition, 53.2% of participants stated they would support a fragrance-free policy in their workplace and 54.8% feel the same way about health care facilities.

The Australian counterpart study yielded similar results. More than 57% preferred flying on a fragrance-free plane and 55.6% preferred a hotel room without fragrance.  More than 42% of these participants supported a fragrance-free policy in the workplace and 43.2% supported unscented health care facilities.

Why Some Companies Favor Scentless Over Fragranced Interiors

There are some commercial settings where fragrance-free options may be preferable though not readily available until now.  Still, the market is in search of this type of solution as more and people become diagnosed with “multiple chemical sensitivity.”

Medically and legally, this term remains a very gray area, but it is known fact that even the most pleasing aromas could possibly trigger a negative health condition to some affected individuals. According to The Society for Human Resource Management, company fragrance policies had been among the top five inquiries requested by members.

Fragrance Free Air Freshener Solutions For Office Spaces

According to George Boué, Vice President of Human Resources at the Stiles Corporation, a commercial real estate firm, employers would do more about offering fragrance-free options in the workplace if they considered them as ways to avoid a loss in productivity. He states: “Fragrance-free policies yield benefits for building owners. They can earn credits toward Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification. Odors are very much the same as noise, if you will, in a work setting. It is especially a concern given the openness of workspaces these days. Today’s work environment is more about sharing spaces.”

The Psychological Aspects of Fragrance and Fragrance-Free

It goes to follow that all noses are not created equal. According to Dr. Alan Hirsch, founder and neurological director of the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation of Chicago, our sense of smell differs from individual to individual.

He states: “Women have a stronger sense of smell than men. Certain ethnic groups have better abilities to smell. And there are also different physiological states that will intensify olfactory abilities, like when you’re hungry or you’re pregnant or if you have certain diseases or conditions… some people could perceive smells as an intrusion on their body space. But if you can control the odor, you’re much less bothered by it than if you can’t control it. It’s an instinctive perception.”

Aileen Gagney, an asthma and health program manager for the American Lung Association of Washington, suffers from migraines and breathing issues due to a condition known as multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS). Largely acting as her own advocate, she established a fragrance-free policy at the Seattle office where she works.

In her own words:  “We’re bombarded by chemicals all day long and there’s no need for it. Does your house really have to smell like pine in order to be clean? Do you really need to smell like Jennifer Lopez? We’ve been sold such a bunch of goods.”

The other side of this psychological coin concerns the dual issues of chemical sensitivity and chemical entitlement, both of which demand a consideration of fragrance-free options within an office environment. There is no denying the reality of scent-sensitive souls trying to get through the day without wheezing and sneezing, but is there another psychological factor looming about?

Carly Sommerstein, a 42-year-old production editor in New York had this to say: ”I understand that there are people who’ve been exposed to hard core chemicals and have legitimate issues. But I also think there’s a whole other group of people who are just using this as an excuse to boss everybody around. They’re moving away from chemical sensitivity to chemical entitlement.”

Whatever theory of thought one subscribes to, fragrance-free odorless options are becoming more desired and requested even sometimes as a replacement to scented products.

The Power of Metazene And Its Odorless Applications

Odors are powerful and decisions are made every day that are based on smell.

Fragranced options are plentiful and most businesses don’t realize that odor neutralization (elimination of malodors) is just as important and time-consuming as creating and perfecting a famous fragrance.

Metazene is a dual action, colorless additive, which neutralizes malodors at a molecular level and was developed by the scientific research team at our Air-Scent laboratories in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. While there are a number of so-called odor controller systems currently in the marketplace that claim to eliminate malodors, most none work as well or better than the Metazene continuous fan-delivered 30-day solid refills and cartridges.

Metazene Fragrance-Free Odor Neutralizing Additive

This is due to the fact that the majority of odor neutralizers depend upon enzymes to eliminate foul odors. This stems from the belief that enzymes produce a direct surface contact microbial action. While this is true to a certain extent, microbial agents are completely ineffectual when it comes to residual or vaporous odors in the air.

It is a combination of weight and chemical reaction that renders Metazene’s powers of odor neutralization so effective in its ability to neutralize malodors. Metazene molecules merge with foul odor molecules, which linger in the air and are lighter in weight. This bonding alters their electron configurations and negates their properties via a series of physiochemical processes, which include: hydrogen bonding, atom formation (adsorption) and encapsulation. These actions produce true odor neutralization as the lighter molecules sink and evaporate over time due to very low vapor pressure.

The Birth And Development Of Our Patented Metazene Solution

Air-Scent and its mother company, Alpha Aromatics, manufactured this extremely effective and long-lasting odor neutralizer, which took many years to develop and perfect. The finished product had to be at least 99% pure and stable and this in and of itself took highly detailed, scientific research and experimentation to accomplish. When first created, this substance contained only a 40% solution active solution and was eventually further refined to its current percentage state.

Early advances in distillation paved the way for an 80% concentrate. Scientific research continued to open new commercial doors, and a further refinement yielded an improved Metazene as a 99% concentrate. This is by far the purest form to date of this colorless totally fragrance-free odor neutralizer.

Metazene’s Many Diverse Commercial Applications

The need for odorless deodorization and air freshening is ever present and expanding with each passing day. Local and international distributors of the Metazene refills emphasize this important and non-disputed fact whenever approaching their clientele.

Metazene is extremely versatile and is sold by us to many manufacturers of retail and commercial products. There is no more powerful neutralizer found anywhere in the world today, and its employment ensures the elimination of malodors in public areas.

Although many managers and owners of commercial and industrial facilities hire in-house custodians to tackle the ongoing problem of restroom malodors, through no fault of their own, the average company maintenance staff is generally not aware of our many advancements in research, and the best products available to specifically address the elimination of the most stubborn malodors via odor-free neutralization. They often need outside help from our distributors and of course, our ace-in-the-hole, Metazene.

The effectiveness of Metazene is manifold. It can also tackle emerging malodors, but its true success depends on how it is applied. Other additives do not address the fact that food, smoking and human waste odors can and do replenish themselves over time. The key to this odorless additive’s supremacy lies in its very low vapor pressure. (This refers to the pressure at which its gas phase is in tandem with its liquid or solid condensed phase.)

Our Commercial Odorless 30-Day Air Freshener Applications

We have a diverse array of 30-day cartridge, solid and liquid “fragrance-free” refills that work within our diffuser systems for large and small commercial interior spaces. These include our “odorless” Metazene Air Wisp neutralizer liquid mist, which is evenly dispersed via our large area HVAC system Aroma Stylers; our Metazene dry vapor Scentsia cartridge designed specifically for large area coverage via our patented blue-tooth operated Aroma Beam system; and our Metazene solid Squair wafer refills, which are utilized in our Aroma One fan air freshener dispenser and are perfect for linear diffusion in medium to small areas including restrooms.

Aroma Beam Fragrance-Free Air Diffuser System

The Fragrance-Free Aroma Beam Air Diffuser System

To Conclude This Perfume-Free Missive

The future of Metazene as an odorless neutralizing additive is more than bright. It is versatile and can be combined either with a chosen fragrance or no fragrance at all.

Developed and manufactured on site in our 85,000 square-foot, state-of-the-art Pittsburgh facility, Metazene, as well as all our other creations, are always backed by our company’s stellar reputation and concern for consistency, quality and customer satisfaction.

In our view, it is unlikely that there will ever be another odorless 30-day application, which is as effective as our Metazene refills. It is the “king of the hill,” so to speak, and our pioneer odor-free neutralizer.

If you’re a business owner, manager, air care distributor or supplier, call us today for a fragrance-free tomorrow.

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