A Curated Array of Bespoke Aromas And Essential Oils

Designed In Our In-House Fragrance Creation Division.

Warm and inviting, tropical and exotic, fresh and clean or sophisticated and luxurious; whatever the mood you hope to invoke with scent, we’ve taken seven decades of experience and carefully curated a repertoire of proven aromas that can accomplish any business requirement. Alma Flower & Honey, Lemongrass Sage, Eucalyptus Mint, Black Bamboo, Restful Lavender and Fresh Breeze are just a few of the many scents we’ve designed to stimulate, invigorate, relax, invite and refresh. Whatever your goal, we’ve got your scent.


Explore Our Luxurious, Time-Tested Ambient Scents for Hotels

White Tea, Green Bamboo, Green Tea and Sage, Utopia and Scentsational to name just a few.


What Does Your Brand Smell Like? We’ll Define It.

Our thorough, step-by-step process is steeped in years of experience with scent creation and air care. Unlike our many competitors, we have the ability to innovate to your scenting needs through our in-house fragrance manufacturing division, and as a premium service, create a signature, custom-made fragrance that truly defines your brand and specific business goals. Choose from our diverse repertoire of carefully curated scents, or get creative and invent a scent just for your brand.


Our AirWisp Diffuser Fragrances Can Define Any Space

Our AirWisp cold mist diffuser scents are specially formulated for use in the Aroma Styler ambient scenting appliance. Each delicately traced fragrance blend is designed to create a welcoming experience, reinforce your brand, evoke a desired mood and touch consumers at the point most closely related to emotion and memory — the sense of smell.

Almond Biscotti, Miami Vibe, Twisted Apple — if these scents sound delicious, they smell even better, and have been enhancing business environments, customer moods and bottom lines for an endless array of companies throughout the world for decades.


“Aroma provides the most emotionally relevant dimension to an interior”

Rachel Herz of Brown University, an expert in scent and psychology


Professional Air Freshening Diffusers For Your Every Need

The most powerful way to evoke positive responses in clients and consumers is proven to be through their sense of smell, whether that’s through ensuring malodors are effectively annihilated and/or a desired fragrance is evenly diffused throughout any large or small interior environment.

We provide market-leading air diffusion systems that are refined from decades of experience and are perfect for controlled scenting of any-sized commercial space, from lobbies, vestibules, bathrooms and other areas via our smaller area air freshening systems, to hotel lobbies, health care facilities, banks, financial institutions and any large environments via commercial grade HVAC or non-HVAC scent machines. Whether large or small, we have refined air freshening systems to suit any commercial environment.


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We provide the most cutting-edge scenting, air care and odor neutralizing equipment and services to distributors, scenting companies and consumers. (412) 252-2000 / Int. (800) 247-0770


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In maintaining a hygienic and pleasant environment, regular trash chute cleaning proves indispensable for any property. Equally crucial are commercial-grade air freshener systems, ensuring continuous freshness, and eliminating unpleasant odors that may deter occupants and visitors. Discover the vital importance of these two essential practices in this article.