The Perfect Add On For Your Textile Uniform Route Service

Most consumers don’t give a second thought to textile, garment, uniform and mat rentals and just assume that any eating establishment, for example, will be clean. But think about it for just a minute. Would you eat in a restaurant where the table was set with soiled napkins and/or tablecloths? And would you feel comfortable ordering a meal from a server whose uniform revealed remnants of the meals of whoever sat there before you arrived

If, alas, the answer to these questions is yes, read on and learn more about the Textile Rental Service (TRS) business and why our vast array of air care solutions are the perfect add on to increase your monthly profits.

Air-Scent Garment And Textile Rental Route Service Add On

Understanding The Textile and Uniform Rental Industry

Every single day of the year, millions of Americans benefit from clean, comfortable, professionally laundered linens and garments delivered by textile rental route service companies. Businesses that cannot economically launder textiles in-house are traditionally, the industry’s best customers. It is estimated that the textile and garment rental industry supplies uniforms to some 20 million workers in the United States and linens and towels to hundreds of thousands of healthcare and hospitality facilities.

Other businesses that rely on textile and garment rental services include: restaurants because of their extensive use of linen napkins and tablecloths, hospitals, auto-related businesses where workers’ garments are soiled with oil and chemicals and require the heavy-duty laundering of a professional service; repair shops, manufacturers, fitness centers, salons, spas and retailers.

For the most part, textile services are local operations that launder goods for customers within your service area. A driver on a local service route who reports to a supervisor based in the same facility is responsible for providing customer service within that locale. According to Infinite Laundry, the $16 billion textile route service industry employs more than 200,000 people who work at more than 1,500 facilities nationwide. A fleet comprised of about 25,000 trucks delivers laundered goods on a weekly basis.

Two Important Surveys

Two business-to-business national surveys were commissioned in 2015 by TRSA, the leading global textile services trade association, and conducted by Fort Lauderdale-based research firm, Fabrizio Ward. They covered healthcare, hospitality, food and beverage and other industrial sectors. Results indicated that 78% of business leaders believe that textile service providers can greatly reduce their expenses and 70% are convinced that renting reusable textiles reduces solid waste, provides better quality and is environmentally sustainable. Eighty-four percent of participants indicated that renting uniforms greatly improved their corporate image, and 63% indicated that renting reusable shop towels minimizes concerns about hazardous waste.

According to Joseph Ricci, president and CEO of TRSA: “The garment and textile rental route service industry gives us an opportunity to help businesses offload expenses and operations that are beyond the scope and expertise of their primary mission while also helping them operate in a more environmentally responsible way.”

Air-Scent Air Fresheners and Textile and Uniform Rental Route Services

Since 1946 and Bob Surloff’s innovative invention of the world’s first fan operated air freshener, Air-Scent® (whose name he himself coined) has left its permanent sweet-smelling mark on the air-care industry. Ever since, we have been a proven provider in the TRS industry. Being a global leader in scent branding and air care strategies and solutions, during the course of its more than 70 years of continuous operation, the company has acquired more than 20 patents and has proven itself as an authority in innovation and cutting edge diffusion technologies.

Air Scent Aroma One Dispenser


Air-Scent Products For The Textile/Uniform Rental Industry Are An Easy Sell

Our most popular add-on systems and products sold to the textile and uniform industry provided through route service providers are the Aroma One Dispenser, individual Squair Scent Solid Wafer Refills and Spiralz(tm) 60-day passive refills. These products reinforce customer satisfaction and provide a good first impression because they instantly improve the atmosphere wherever they are applied within the commercial work place.

The new Aroma One fan air care dispenser offers three fan cycle setting options which include: continuous linear and extended cycles of 30 and sixty days respectively. It can also easily harness power from battery to electric with the simple insertion of a DC power cord. Our Solid Squair air freshener wafers are ordered per case of 200 refills, and can be selected in a variety of up to 8 fragrances per case, packaged in a service carrier bag with 8 bags of 25 refills each.

New attractive dispensers with enhanced logo graphics sells first with the eyes and provides for a longer lasting performance cycle. Individual liquid wick cans come pre-portioned with easy open snap tops containing 48 per case complete with wicks. They have been scientifically designed to absorb, neutralize and eliminate malodors through evaporation and chemical diffusion.

Air-Scent air freshener business opportunity profit

In Conclusion

While perfection may always be just one step out of reach, striving for it in addition to researching and implementing the latest cutting edge technologies are the reasons we have survived more than seven decades of impeccable service and are globally recognized as the primary force within the air care industry.

Route drivers who are interested in earning extra commissions and driving corporate revenue by offering our air freshening dispensers and other products to their established routes should consider Air-Scent as their choice partner.  Installation only takes from 3 to 5 minutes, and in most instances, servicing requires barely a minute — six minutes can equal untold amounts of revenue every month.

Explore in further depth our company’s rich history in the air care and scent marketing industry, or submit an inquiry to add on our products to your TSR business.