10 Reasons Why Air-Scent Is Your Best Business Opportunity

Those with independent, entrepreneurial spirits are always seeking new, legitimate small business opportunities that innately minimize financial risk and optimize moneymaking potential.

The challenge, however, is there’s such a plethora of franchise biz ops to peruse, choosing the one that’s right for you, that’s the safest investment of time and money, and one that has the most potential financial return can be down right daunting.

One key to weeding through the fray is to focus on an established company looking for distributors of their products and services; one with a solid reputation that can boast decades of proven service and satisfaction among its customer base.

Simply put, dealing with an established company translates into working with a reliable force that can stand on its own and behind you and your efforts at the same time; one that knows how to fulfill the needs of their clients and how to teach you to do the same.

With that, our sales teams have assembled the top ten reasons why becoming a distributor of our line of air-freshening systems and air care products can be the perfect way to spread your entrepreneurial wings and fly to new and even unexpected heights with the reliable support of seven decades of refinements, service techniques and management.

But before we dig in, lets first start with a quick understanding of the heart, mind and soul of an entrepreneur.

What Skills Should Every Entrepreneur Have?

While it may be true that these truths should be self evident, they do bear clarification because most successful business people have many traits in common with one other.

For the most part, all are confident, optimistic disciplined self-starters open to all new ideas that may coincide with their skills and goals.

They are focused and driven individuals who never lose sight of that golden ring. There is no room for uncertainty in the work ethos of the successful entrepreneur, and every event and situation is considered a potential business opportunity.

They are always proactive and never thwarted by defeats, as they truly believe that all things can be accomplished.

Entrepreneurs genuinely love their work and are willing to sacrifice much of their personal life to achieve success. Theirs is a joy that goes beyond money for it lies within the realm of passion and joy and achievement. They strive for a view from the top of the business mountain and once there, seek other heights. Their minds are constantly at work, which usually translates into profits for the business, their families and loved ones.

Here’s a great interview with Nicole Glaros about the qualities that make great entrepreneurs and successful self-starters.

10 Reasons To Start An Air-Scent Fan Air Freshener Business

Our sales teams and staff spend just as many hours directly servicing customers from around the world as they do serving current distributors, suppliers and individuals who have chosen to represent and distribute our products.

With years of contributing to our clients’ and partner’s success, certain recurring themes emerge about the viability of fan air fresheners as an attractive business opportunity. The following represents our thoughts and theirs as to the ten most compelling considerations for anyone seeking to embark on a new venture.

Continue reading or watch the following short video we’ve prepared that explains the financial particulars and potential of becoming a part of the Air-Scent family.


Learn more about Darieth Chisolm here

1) Scent Marketing Is A Seriously Booming Business

By 2024, the global fragrance market is estimated to be worth about USD $92 billion. To further substantiate, according to a recent study conducted by Salon, a floral scent lingering above gamblers in a casino results in a 45% increase in time spent playing the games.

Even more, four hundred consumers surveyed by the International Journal of Marketing reported that after shopping in a Nike store a “pleasant ambient scent” improved their evaluation not only of the store and its products, but the likelihood they would shop there again.

We recently wrote in depth about the business of scent and its marketing power, but the bottom line to your potential bottom line is research and statistics underscore that scent marketing is a viable business strategy today and will be even more so as the industry continues to expand over the coming decades.

As such, the demand for commercial air fresheners and scent delivery systems utilizing fan air dispensers is bursting at the seams, providing the perfect home-based business opportunity for distributors, route service operators or entrepreneurs of any age or sex and from any country interested in hooking onto a profitable enterprise.

2) It’s A Smart Small Business Idea With Low Investment

Although a certain degree of risk lives in the DNA of every entrepreneur, without it, no action would ever be taken. However, an educated risk based on minimal investment could only be an attractive lure for those seeking a unique opportunity.

For any Air-Scent Fan Air Freshener distributor, there are never any hidden franchise costs or fees, making it one of the best small businesses to start with little to no money.  There is, however, a wonderful opportunity to thrive when backed by a firm that has had over seventy years of experience.

3) There Is Quick Potential Return On Investment

The focus of every successful entrepreneur is to gain a quick return on investment by lowering the risk and margin for error whenever possible.

Representing a respected company such as Air-Scent is about as risk free and certain to glean a quick return on investment as any entrepreneurial enterprise can hope to be.

Maintenance and start up costs are low and no special licensing and only minimal training are good indicators of a quick return on investment.

4) It’s A Home-Based Business Opportunity With High Profit Potential

The benefits of working at home extend far beyond the joys of sitting at a desk in your pajamas at 3 am. Not only will such a situation allow you to set your own hours, you will also be able to make a lucrative living backed by a company with a flawless reputation.

A product that will withstand the test of time is certain to generate repeat business, which is the mainstay of an effective customer base and solid financial security.

The standard amount of Air-Scent units supplied to an average sized area or territory within a year’s time total 1,250, which in turn could clear an estimated $102,537 per annual profit per route for a distributor. A larger city could potentially glean much more for a hard working entrepreneur with established routes, making it potentially one of the best home-based businesses to start.

Air-Scent air freshener business opportunity profit

5) Its Services And Territories Are Easily Expanded

Over the last seventy years, Air-Scent’s service routes have expanded to include the joint sale of dispensers and refills and commercial washroom hygiene products to be used in conjunction with air freshener services.

Air-Scent products cover a broad scope of commercial and industrial applications, and are not limited to a single office or industry. Additionally, other territories can be added very easily, and as a skillful entrepreneur, you can expand and still earn income on the original territory.

This would involve hiring someone to manage it for about $39k per year. If you’ve sold 1250 units, you could still be able to clear approximately $63,537 annual profit per route.

6) It Requires Minimum Inventory

Operating a fan air freshener business with Air-Scent requires very little inventory, and the marketability of this service has been proven time and again by the many distributors all over the world who operate highly successful air freshener service routes.

Our extensive line of air care products permit entrepreneurs to build a business based on their own merits supported by our long-standing reputation as a purveyor of superior products and a leader in odor control solutions.

The below picture is of our newly designed, mobile-app controlled Aroma Beam air diffuser, which is just one of many air freshening devices we provide.

Air Scent Aroma One Dispenser


7) It’s Easily Operated & Requires Minimal Labor and Training

As far as actual labor is concerned, the average new installation time of an Air-Scent fan air freshener service is approximately 3 to 5 minutes. In most instances, monthly servicing requires less than one minute per dispenser.

Training is minimal and route representatives carry all their own tools for installations, making the process fast and easy. Further, Air freshening services are not subject to special licensing or regulations.

8) It’s Perfect For Women, Men, Retirees And More

Running a business from the comfort of your home requires determination, foresight, research, focus and drive. An Air-Scent home-based distributorship that can be maintained with or without benefit of pajamas can offer financial security and independence.

It won’t come from the tap of a well-meaning fairy godmother’s magic wand, but it can be a reality for those who keep their eyes glued to the prize.

You can set your own hours and bask in the glow of a reputable company that is trusted and respected throughout the world, making it the perfect money making opportunity for women, men, families, newly-weds, part timers or retirees from any country.

9) It Can Easily Tie Into Other Existing Route Services

The Air-Scent fan air fresheners can be used anywhere a more pleasing indoor environment is desired. Although they are an excellent stand-alone business, their method of service opens the door to other existing service cycles.

For example, air freshener dispensers require servicing every 28 days, which is the same cycle as most commercial pest control and bathroom hygiene service accounts. That makes professional odor control with fan dispensers the perfect add-on to these and other types of route services.

Fan air freshener dispensers can be sold anywhere, even to companies where competitors may already have a contract in place.

When it comes time to renew the contract, the integrity and superiority of the air fresheners provide a ”presence” in the account and a good chance to win the bathroom hygiene businesses.

Other compatible business routes could include: janitorial and maid services, vending machines, textile and garment rental routes, pest control, (TRS) fire extinguishing or water delivery services and more.

10) Fresh, Hygienically Clean Air Is An Easy Sell

Let’s face it; who doesn’t want a fresh, clean-smelling interior? Rather, who wants a smelly one? For that simple, malodorous fact alone, air freshening and odor control products already have a significant foothold in today’s industrial marketplace.

They are an essential part of maintaining repeat business, company morale and healthy bottom lines for restaurants, retail environments, hotels and any other business near and far, and according to a recent report published by Allied Market Research, commercial applications are expected to experience continuous higher growth for years to come.

All of this allows for easy customer acceptance and an atmosphere for a ‘soft sell.’ You’re pushing on an open door so to speak; so you’re pitch is clean, simple and more embraced than most other products and services. Learn more about our company’s rich history in scent and scent creation here.

Air-Scent air fresheners and refills can and do maintain highly effective odor control and have a proven record of success. They are reasonably priced as well and this makes them very attractive to business owners and managers. In the case of existing route service operators, it is likely you already have customers in related fields that would be likely to utilize an air freshening service.

To Sum Up This Biz Op

The key to success for an entrepreneur in any industry is dependent on hard work, determination and constant research into the dynamic wants and needs of the selected (and often fickle) customer base.

Offering the most innovative and cutting edge products develops both admiration and loyalty to a company like Air-Scent who promises its many distributors a chance to shine and stand on their own backed by their formidable expertise and reputation.

Learn more about becoming an Air-Scent distributor or contact our team today and start unleashing your inner entrepreneur!

Final thoughts on entrepreneurs: While my inner voice was clearly telling me I was at my core an entrepreneur, it’s inconvenient to decide at twenty-three that you can’t really work for other people. ~ Kelly Cutrone

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