6 Tips To Help Distributors Sell Air Freshener Services

The need for effective commercial air fresheners and scent delivery systems is becoming more and more prevalent in commercial enterprises of all kinds. Consequently, as the demand for these superior odor-control and air freshening products and services increases, so do the opportunities for both male and female entrepreneurs of all ages and from any country in the world to become an Air-Scent distributor or route service operator, whether that be singularly distributing our products, or with add-ons to pest control, restroom hygiene services, textile and garment rental routes or any other monthly service route.

We’ve covered the topic of Air-Scent products and distributorships before in terms of benefits, advantages and the responsibilities involved with running a successful air freshener business, but not with an emphasis on effective selling tips.

Air-Scent has been creating ambient air-care product solutions for more than seven decades, and our client base reaches the four corners of the globe. These two factors alone attest to a proven dependability for both our products and services. Air freshening products are a soft sell and a distributorship is increasingly appealing because of low start-up costs, high profit margins and back door opportunities to secure new accounts, just to name a few.

Relevant Statistics Regarding The Global Air Freshening Market

According to Allied Market Research, the air freshener market was valued at $10 billion in 2016, and is expected to reach $12 billion by 2023, registering a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.2% from 2017 to 2023. These figures are driven by a number of factors, which include: the burgeoning popularity of aromatherapy; increasing concerns over ambient indoor air quality; consumer desires for decorating homes with fragrant products; the rising number of pet ownerships; changing demographics and more disposable income.

Europe continues to dominate the global market due to burgeoning economic development in Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and Eastern Europe, which are estimated to further fuel future industrial growth. Asia-Pacific alone is expected to materialize as the fastest growing market with a CAGR of 07.4% over the next five years.

6 Keys To Selling Air Care Services To Potential Clients

Despite the positive factors associated with an Air-Scent distributorship, knowing how to sell our products is an important hurdle to overcome. It is, however, one that is completely manageable with the employment of the following tips.

  1. Designate Your Target Market

The designation of a specific target market is a great equalizer for all companies big and small. No one company can afford to target everyone for their particular products or services and smaller enterprises can gain a significant foothold by targeting a niche sector.It isimportant to understand that this does not meaneliminating those consumers who do not fit the selected criteria. It is rather, a tool that permits the focus of marketing funds and a brand message on a specific market that is more likely to buy from a particular company than others.

A successful target market should be somewhat broad but not too general, which is a fine line that must not be crossed and requires great skill and understanding of marketing concepts.

The first step in the selection of a target market is for an Air-Scent distributor to carefully examine his or her customer base. Who are your current customers? Why do they buy from you and not someone else? Study common characteristics and interests to establish patterns. Which products sell the best? Is it possible that other people, just like the most prevalent in your customer base, could also benefit from your product/service?

An example of a successful target marketing campaign could feature an interior design company hoping to attract homeowners between the ages of 35 and 65 with annual incomes of  $150,000 plus in Atlanta, Georgia. This market can be honed additionally by addressing consumers who are interested in remodeling kitchens and baths and even further by targeting two specific niches; parents with school children and retiring baby boomers.

  1. Identify Your Local Competitors And The Competitive Product

A successful Air-Scent distributor must honestly evaluate the competition. Make a list of each feature your product or service offers, leaving a few lines in between each item. Next to each feature, list both the benefits it provides, followed by the seemingly redundant benefits of those benefits. The latter may require some thought. Take for example, a graphic designer who offers superior design services. The primary benefit is a professional company image. This in turn will attract more consumers, rendering the benefit of first-rate design into more customer traffic and more income.

Always Stay One Step Ahead

A little digital surveillance is also likely to be in order here. Research should be focused on three distinct categories: primary, secondary and tertiary competitors.  Direct or primary competition refers to those businesses that overlap with your air freshening products, region and audience.Secondary or indirect competition concerns those businesses that offer different but similar products and services to a different clientele within the same territory. Tertiary competitors are loosely related companies that provide adjacent or ancillary services to yours, but do not impede your business goals.

While some may seek to gather rosebuds while they may, those prospering in the business world recognize its highly competitive aspects and accept that it is often cutthroat in nature, which is only conquered by leveling the playing field.

Once you have identified who your competitors are, the next step is to learn all you can about them and the products they sell. This includes for one thing, evaluating their products or services and comparing them to your own. The only way to do this is purchase them and try them out. How do they compare to yours? Why are they better or worse? Who are their suppliers? How are they priced and do they have a discount policy? What kind of website and ads do they run? What are their target preferences? What is their unique selling position?

A careful analysis of all these factors will render ideas about how to adapt your distributorship sales strategy so that you can defy their strong points and take advantage of their weaknesses. Survival of the ones who do their homework is always the call of the business wild in general and of entrepreneurship particularly.

  1. Analyze Your Current Customer Base

The next step in keeping ahead of competitors requires still another list, this one involving all the types of people that can benefit from your product. After your benefits list, decide which commercial enterprises might have a need for your air freshener product. The best way to do this is to study and select specific demographics to target. This helps to further clarify and break down not only who could use your product but also who is most likely to buy it.  This can include factors such as: age; location; gender; income level; education level; marital or family status; occupation and even ethic background.

The Importance Of Psychographics

Defined as the study and classification of people according to their attitudes, aspirations, and other psychological criteria, this is an especially effective research tool that is often overlooked in many marketing endeavors because it is very time-consuming and data is difficult to find. It takes much effort, research, and study about surveys that don’t produce pie charts and bar graphics. Also known as IAO variables (or AIO), which signify interest, activities, and opinions, these factors refer to the three major sectors of psychographic research.

Determining how your specific product or service (in this case, Air-Scent air freshener products) will fit into your target market’s lifestyle is a complex task involving a number of aspects. The word, psychographics, can be misleading, as some might think it refers to marketing strategies directed at the fringier members of our culture who play with sharp knives when no one is about, and by night howl at the moon for fun.

Author Jeremy Smith said: “It sounds like voodoo, but psychographics is the greatest thing that ever happened to marketing in general and conversion optimization in particular.” Demographics are limitedconcepts that relate only to data and can only indicate who the customer is, not whythey might buy a particular product.

Demographic data is hard data meaning that it is completely objective and depends on numbers that are easily accessed in Google Analytics. Psychographics data, on the other hand,is subjective and reveals softer information, such as: what a user loves, does, and why he or she might be motivated to buy a particular product. It achieves this by conducting revealing research about customer satisfaction via opinion polls that indicate individual characteristics such as: personality, interests, attitudes, values, hobbies and behavior of the customer. The ideal marketer seeks always to understand as much as they can about their customers.

  1. Look For Inadequacies Of Competitive Equipment

Building a successful business translates into offering products and services that stand out from the competition. To create these unique offerings, distributors need to know who their competitors are and what they are bringing to the marketplace. Even going out to eat with the family can be considered ‘time at the office’, especially if observant distributor eyes happen to fall upon some shortcoming in the delivery of air freshening services.

If the restaurant restroom isn’t clean or smells, make your own ‘stink’ and talk to the manager about it, not as an irate customer but rather as someone who “can help with the problem.” Carrying a business card with contact information is as important as bringing your wallet with you everywhere you go.

  1. Understand The Strengths Of Air Scent’s Products Over Others

Why has Air-Scent been in business continuously for more than seventy years? The answer to this question alone should tell you as a distributor almost everything you need to know about our reputation and superior odor control products. Almost, but not quite, that is, because to keep that proverbial foot in the door, you need to maintain eye contact and keep potential customers engaged in conversations that are meaningful and not just blowing wind into the air.

Research our most popular products, how they work and in which areas they are most effective is the kind of information that commercial and industrial managers need to know before making a decision about the installation of ambient care air freshener systems. Reciting information off a brochure is not going to do the trick and a distributor must be able to answer all consumer questions or it will seem they are ill-prepared (and they would be).

Some Key Air-Scent Scent Air Machines For Small And Large Areas

Commercial air fresheners are available for both large and small commercial areas. For smaller sections of an office space, such as restrooms, foyers, hallways, vestibules and other smaller indoor areas, there are a number of possibilities, which you can explore here, for battery-operated and electric fan air fresheners. These include gravity drip hygiene odor control cleaning systems, passive non-mechanical evaporating aroma diffusers, metered aerosol and time-operated mist dispensers. Specifically, the Odyssey Commercial Restroom Fan Air Freshener and the Millennium Fan Air Freshener Dispenser are very popular choices.

The Aroma One commercial restroom fan air freshener is perfectly designed for diffusing scent and eliminating malodors and has been the chosen air freshener of many restaurants, hotels, gyms, spas and fitness centers for many decades. An extremely versatile option comprised of high impact durable polymers, this product offers three-way ventilation for maximum airflow, a dust-resistant, vandal-resistant plastic design and a spill-proof tray that holds virtually every liquid or solid refill type.

Air-Scent Aroma One Air Freshener Distributor Tips

The Millennium Fan Air Freshener Dispenser is a compact, attractive, battery-powered dispenser that can accommodate all our our air freshener refills. It is easy to open and service, offers superior ventilation, adjustable tray height and can fit into any small location. Deco Roma Air Freshening Dispensers are another option. They require no batteries because they utilize natural air and evaporation, which allows for maximum fragrance flow through specially placed side vents.

The RuMate Passive Commercial Air Freshener Dispenser controls malodors discretely via Solid Square Wafer refills. Due to its slim structure, this dispenser can be placed anywhere odor-control may be necessary. It provides long lasting, effective odor-neutralization and aroma enrichment to smaller locations, such as:hallways, walls, lockers, under desks, trash bin lids, lodging rooms, foyers, restrooms, portable toilets, cars and elevators. This passive air freshener also needs no batteries and utilizes natural air and evaporation instead.

The Aroma Beam Non-HVAC Scent Air Machine For Large Areas

This Non-HVAC, dry vapor, high-performance, Bluetooth-operated scent-diffusing unit for branding any large commercial space is the most effective on the market today. Its dry vapor fragrance diffuser system effectively freshens interior spaces of up to 50,000 cubic feet. It is a highly versatile system and can prove effective in many diverse commercial settings including: retail stores, hotels, health care facilities, such as spas and fitness centers,restaurants, office buildings, schools, nursing homes, churches, day care centers and a host of others. The Aroma Beam sets the mood, freshens the air and neutralizes unpleasant odors, making every impression as important as that first one.

The Aroma Beam method is what sets it apart from others of its ilk. It works without wet vapor and a smart phone app for Android and iOS controls its flow. Unlike other products, there are no liquids or sprays to contend with and there are no complex timers to set. For large commercial settings, there is no non-HVAC product more effective than the Aroma Beam. We also offer superior HVAC scent air machines, including the Aroma Styler vapor diffuser.

  1. Offer a 7-30 Day Free Trial

A free trial is always appealing and a temptation that usually draws a consumer closer to your company and your product. It is a win-win for both sides, as the consumer risks nothing and you get the chance to show off the products and increase your base of potential customers. There is no greater marketing tool than a superior product. Not only will consumers see that clearly, they will want to buy that product. This in turn leads to positive word-of-mouth recommendations, resulting in more interest and trial sign-ups.

Still, a free trial is not always the right way to go and there are pros and cons associated with it. Free trials are usually structured in one of two ways: limited time or limited capability. The one that will work best for you will depend upon both your product and your company finances.

In a limited-time model, the product is offered for a period such as a week up to 30 days. During a limited-capacity trial, the amount of functionality and accessible features is restricted, hoping that the taste of what the product can do will whet the desires of consumers to buy and upgrade to the full capacity of the product or service. To decide which model is best for your needs, ask the following questions:

  • How long will it take for the consumer to see all the benefits of your product?
  • Are the basic features of your product enough for a consumer to know whether or not it works for them?
  • How long can you financially support a free trial?

The educated entrepreneur should also weigh the negative aspects inherent in offering a free trial to consumers.  In a way, a free trial is a misnomer because it isn’t without cost either in terms of time or money to the provider. Make sure that associated expenses do not outweigh the potential benefits and carefully decide on a reasonable trial period.

Of course, there is no guarantee that free trial participants will use the product or service and it is likely that some consumers will take advantage of the free trial and sign up for it with no intention of ever buying it. However, even in that case, the trial can be a learning experience and not a total loss because the results can provide an opportunity for feedback and insight into the product and its effectiveness.

In Conclusion

Becoming an Air-Scent distributor can be a lucrative endeavor, but there are no short cuts. Doing it the right way means doing your homework. If you follow the rules and have a strong work ethic, there is every reason to believe you will find success.

Are You Looking For A Home-Based Business Opportunity?

We’re always looking for smart, competent, entrepreneurial-minded women and men to represent our products. If you’re not yet a distributor, but have an interest in a profitable, home-based business opportunity, we have well over seven decades of experience in the air freshening, odor control and fragrance creation industry, collectively making us the perfect partner — so don’t hesitate to submit an inquiry.


(special thanks to Darieth Chisolm)


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