Why Regular Trash Chute Cleaning Is A Must For Your Property

Regular trash chute cleaning is essential to minimize build up of bacteria and other elements that cause foul odors, which inevitably waft throughout any trash or trash compactor room and its surrounding areas. This inevitably creates negative experiences for people in parking garages, elevators, stairwells, hallways and other nearby spaces.

While a good professional scrub certainly helps, it only goes so far, and that is where our trash room odor control products complete the mission of any HOA condo management, commercial cleaning or air freshening company!

Trash has been around since the dawn of time and so have all the horrid smells associated with it.

The very first recorded indications of a landfill dates back to 3,000 BC in Knossos, Crete, when the island’s inhabitants hid refuse by burying it deeply into holes, which they then covered with dirt.

Trash has always smelled badly for the same reason; namely, the decaying materials it always contains.

This correlates to various aspects of everyday life; discarded diapers; the remnants of food and vegetables and the break down of amino acids in meat protein.

Stink is the only word there is to describe the slow liquidation microbes cause while they gorge themselves on a disgusting feast of rotting meat and vegetable cell structure.

Old Building Smell Solution

Times have changed, and the complexities of modern life and technology have added new dimensions to trash smells, but ultimately, a stink by any other name is still a stink.

Thankfully, methods for eradicating garbage and trash chute smells have greatly improved over the years.

Our professional, highly effective products and odor neutralizing systems are top-of -the line. All odor control initiatives must first address a clean trash room in order to seamlessly stream to other areas of any building, office or edifice. 

Year Round Rather Than Seasonal Cleaning Is Suggested

While it might seem fitting and even poetic to clean trash chutes while conducting a spring cleaning search and destroy bacteria mission, it is a myth to think that care is not required during the other seasons of the year.

Winter cold by its very nature closes off buildings; windows are usually not opened and doors are more frequently closed, preventing a normal flow of fresh air throughout a building or industrial setting.

Smelly Trash Chutes

Relevant Studies and Statistics 

It is a fact of life that the more industrialized and urbanized a nation becomes, the more trash it produces, and with that must exponentially come the responsibility of eliminating it professionally and effectively.

According to Edie Vasquez, senior director of the World Bank Social, Urban, Rural And Resilient Global Practices, all the nations of the world collectively produce 1.3 billion tons of waste.

By the year, 2100, this figure is estimated to reach up to 4 billion tons. The United States alone produces 254 million tons of waste annually. 

Why Are Our Odor Control Products Better Than Others?

Trash areas are usually large and specifically created to hold the nastiest of unpleasant things.

There is nothing on earth that attracts pests more than a trash space, no matter how often it is cleaned and treated.

While cleanliness and godliness are sometimes thought of as ideal living conditions and are certainly constructive, within any industrial or commercial setting, malodors can be serious problems and should never be disregarded or taken lightly.

Their presence screams of bacteria, some of which can be very harmful to human health and well being. 

Air-Scent International is the one company in the modern marketplace that has the products necessary to combat the most serious trash problems.

We boast more than seventy years of continuous operation, state-of-the-art laboratories equipped with best industrial science tools that money can buy and superior product development.

While we do not provide trash chute cleaning services, many of our products are designed to aid in the elimination of odors that emanate from trash chutes and trash compactor rooms.

Persistent odors need a powerful weapon and there is nothing in the world more potent than the colorless additive that sails heads above other of its ilk; namely Metazene.

Metazene And Eliminating Trash Odors

Metazene is our pride and joy when it comes to permanently annihilating persistent malodors, and all of our odor-control products contain it in one form or another.

Other neutralizers abound on the modern marketplace and some work better than others. None, however, work better or even as well as Metazene.

Air-Scent International Headquarters Logo

This disparity is based upon the conventional reliance on enzymes to produce a microbial action to destroy bad odors. While this does happen to a certain extent, such agents are useless against the force of stubborn, residual odors.

Masking foul smells in the end only aggravates the situation because these ineffectual products blend with the highly unpleasant odors that are already there, and collectively make them even worse than they already were.

This colorless, dual action, neutralizing additive annihilates malodors by forcing a powerful neutralizing combination of a weight and chemical reaction between the lighter Metazene chemicals and those of heavier foul odors.

The chemicals merge and linger in the air causing:hydrogen bonding; adsorption and encapsulation, negation of properties and alterations of the composition of the heavier foul-smelling particles.

Collectively, this activity forces the lighter molecules to sink and evaporate, due to very low vapor pressure.

The Ultimate In Trash And Dumpster Odor Control Products

The following represent devices and product solutions to eradicate trash chute malodors.

The Auto Doc Trash Room Odor Control System

This potent, easy to operate odor neutralizing system is extremely efficient in controlling foul odors arising from decomposing food and grease by-products.

Auto Doc Trash Room Spray Odor Control System

It simply attaches to a 55 gallon drum of liquid odor neutralizer, which is timed, siphoned through and then sprayed directly via a nozzle into a malodorous dumpster, compactor or trash chute via a misting spray.

The Aroma Styler Dry Vapor Trash Room Diffuser

Also known as the Scent Styler, this cutting edge HVAC diffuser system is very popular within the modern ambient scenting marketplace. It is cost effective, powerful and easy to use, and offers a unique set of features and special options.

Aroma Styler HVAC Diffuser

The Aroma Styler operates without water, using instead a state-of-the-art cold air technology, which uniquely transforms liquid into dry, very fine micro particles that create an invisible vapor which drifts evenly across any open area.

When essential oils are blended via this technology, nanoparticles are produced that remain in the air for several hours, dispersing scent and enhancing the ambiance of every room in a commercial or industrial space.

It comes in three different sizes: Alpha,(for both large and small areas up to 10,500 feet; Beta ( areas up to 21,000 cubic feet) and Gamma (up to 63,000 cubic feet).

Scatter Odor Control Granules

Ideal for dumpsters, compactors, sewage and treatment plants, trash rooms and and trash chutes, these heavy duty odor fighting pellets are scientifically formulated to handle the worst of the worst when it comes to malodors from municipal, commercial and institutional waste.

Scatter Odor Control Granules

Very economical, a little Scatter goes a long way in eliminating malodors. It provides long lasting odor control via Metazene and is very easy to apply. It annihilates trash and garbage odors, is biodegradable and available in cherry or bubble gum fragrances.

Mega Fresh Low-Cost Passive (Non-Mechanical) Diffuser

This sectioned diffuser system uniquely controls and freshens air in trash rooms and trash chutes in apartments and condominiums on the floors above and below where it is hung via a “chimney effect.”

It provides superior, consistent performance for 30 to 60 days.

Mega Fresh Condo Trash Chute Odor Control System

There is also the option to use one or link several cartridges together for additional coverage. Each one contains 100% of a formula that is guaranteed to eradicate malodors and not to drip, leak or spill, no matter how it is positioned.

Mega Fresh also eliminates the need to use potently toxic paradichlorobenzine blocks (white crystalline compounds used as moth repellents and deodorizers).

In Conclusion

Contact our teams today for advice on how to control trash site odors in your commercial or industrial space. We’re here to help!

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